What do you think of Brad Sumrocks or David Lindahl's coaching programs?


Has anyone been a student? Any input and/or advice would be helpful.


I am not of student of either. I did go to Dallas and checked out one of Sumrocks R2R weekends and learned about multifamily a bit. I can see why you need a coach to learn this somewhat complex REI. A lot of selling on his coaching and telling you why MF is great. I would have appreciated a little more instruction on the first day since my schedule is busy.

I do know some of his students and they are doing great. I was invited into one of their deals that should be closing at the beginning of June. The R2R weekend was great for networking and I met several investors who were there for just that. The bus tours were exciting and meeting the passive owners was informative. Everyone is pumped and excited to share about it.

I did not sign up for his teaching since he is quite expensive and I just can’t make it up to Dallas that much. I would love to find some coaching in the Central Tx area. If anyone can suggest someone, let me know.

As for Lindahl’s, I have no knowledge of his coaching.


I am a Brad Sumrok student and I can tell you that the group that he has created is second to none. Not only from an educational standpoint but also from an eco-system of investors that he’s created. Brad’s students have yet to fall short on funding a deal since he’s started his group which is extremely impressive. Brad’s students also aren’t on a clock when speaking with him. It’s really great. Best money I ever spent. I invested passively in 3 great deals within my first month in the group.


@kylekovats A colleague just mentioned Brad Sumrok to me. I’ve heard very good things. I am currently reading David Lindahl’s book Multi-Family Millions: How Anyone Can Reposition Apartments for Big Profits, pretty informative.


I was a Lindahl student and went through his mentoring programs. His books provide you with some good basics. Be aware he is starting to shed most of his education events. As mentioned previously Brad’s two day event is a sales fest with no content. Those people in his programs seem very satisfied and successful. His ecosystem starts by training to be passive and then into sponsorship. Not cheap, but may be worth it.